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So…after a while of doing this daily I realised that when my workload increases, it’s just not sustainable so I’m going to move to a monthly playlist format, showcasing some of the tracks I’ve been loving or have discovered each month. January 2013’s will be up at some point this week.



2nd December 2012

Pin-Up Went Down – Aquarium

Genre: Bonkers/Avante Garde

Pin-Up Went Down were one of the first bands I ever did a little bit of PR for. Introduced to me by the lovely Lee Barrett, who was putting their album 342 out on his label Ascendance Records. I fell in love with the album instantly, creatively brilliant, interesting, exciting and completely off the wall, all the things I adore it in a band, and it scored me my first full page feature in a magazine, in Prog Mag. Listen to the entire album (you can get it on Spotify), it’s a mixture of insanity, moments of exhilarating beauty, parts that will make you cry and parts that will bend your brain. Extremely interesting music. Worth a listen or ten.


1st December 2012

Planet X – Alien Hip Hop

Genre: Prog Space Groove

I’m going through a heavy prog/instrumental phase. I’ll apologise now. This track is absolutely insane but then what else would you expect from a Prog supergroup – containing members from Dream Theater and guitar legend Tony MacAlpine. I love this, it’s all shifting tempos, jazz/prog fusion and polyrhythms.


30th November 2012

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Meeting of Spirits

Genre: Jazz Fusion

Oh I love me some prog and the Mahavishnu Orchestra tick all the right boxes in ‘things I love in a band’. Lots of prog, lots of hair, lots of noodling, musically indulgent and awesome flares.


29th November 2012

Breton – Edward The Confessor

Genre: London Rock

My best mate Ben occassionally will take me out of my comfort zone and make me listen to stuff I probably would never find myself. Breton are one such band. I love them. Cheers Ben.


28th November 2012

Morcheeba – Blindfold

Genre: Chilled

One of my favourite songs by Morcheeba, really chilled out.


27th November 2012

Mew – Zookeeper’s Boy

Genre: Art Rock

I read an article a while ago, featuring one of my favourite musicians called Ihsahn. He was recommending a band called Mew, so I hunted them down, listened to their music and fell in love. I can’t describe it, other than perhaps if Moomins mated with Klangers and this was the soundtrack to their mating season. It’s hauntingly beautiful, sounds spangly and is just a perfect listen from start to finish. Gorgeous.


26th November 2012

YoYo Ma – Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G Major – Prelude

Genre: Classical

One of my all time favourite pieces of classical music, played on one of my favourite instruments, the Cello. When I’m stressed, or needing to work hard with no distraction, or relaxing in the bath, or cooking for people, I love to listen to Cello pieces. This piece is so passionate and moving, love it.


25th November 2012

Hunab Ku – The Other I

Genre: Ifyoumakeithroughthisintactyou’reinsane-Core

I found Hunab Ku on my travels through Spotify, listening to their ‘related artists’ feature. It’s one of the reasons I love spotify so much, I’ve discovered countless gems via it. Hunab Ku are incredibly mental, right up my street. The problem is they don’t appear to be a very active band, I don’t even know if they’re still together, I just know that they are bloody brilliant and should be enjoyed wholeheartedly on a regular basis.


24th November 2012

Liquid Tension Experiment – Acid Rain

Genre: Prog 

A Prog Supergroup with member of Dream Theater floating in and out of it. It’ll prog your ears off, made all the better because it’s entirely instrumental and you can just sit back and appreciate the instruments without any vocals ruining it. Nuff said.


23rd November 2012

Protest the Hero – Bloodmeat

Genre: Progressive Metal 

I was really late to the Protest the Hero party, for some reason I’d decided, without hearing much of them, that I didn’t like them. Then one day I sat down and listened to an album all the way through and was blown away by not only their technicality and originality, but also their vocalist is a superhero, no doubt about it. His vocals flit from screams/growls through to some of the most sublime cleans I’ve ever heard, to even opera in parts, HERO! Their music sounds epic/huge and for that reason alone, i’m madly in love with them.


15th November 2012 

Cloudkicker – Let Yourself Be Huge

Genre: Hug Yourself Happy Core 

This is a one man project. I’ve followed Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp) since the beginning, I’ve joined him along his journey and enjoyed watching his music weave in and out, evolve and become more. I’ve lost count of how many albums he has out, it’s a good few now, each different, each enjoyable, each..HUGE. Go lie in a field somewhere, watch the clouds/stars and listen to this. Be happy.


14th November 2012

The Pineapple Thief – All the Wars

Genre: Progressive Rock

This is pleasant, and lovely and makes me tingle in all the right places. Album recommended to me by my good friend Dom Lawson and it hasn’t disappointed.


13th November 2012

Between the Buried and Me – Astral Body

Genre: Progressive Sex Funk

Words cannot express my absolute love and joy that this band exist. I love everything they’ve done, from the heavier stuff at their conception, to the exploratory steps through evolving their sound into something magical to where they’ve ended up now as one of the finest progressive metal bands to exist. Ever. Fangirl – yep. I’m delighted they signed to Metal Blade, it seems to be working wonders for them, especially with the quality of their videos improving. This is immense. They’re my favourite band, I love their music. LOVE IT.


12th November 2012

Sikth – Scent of the Obscene 

Genre: Technical Metal 

Sikth will forever remain one of my all time favourite bands, years ahead of their time and cut down in their prime. They make me bounce about like a nutter and the fangirl in me is super happy that as a result of the break up, it meant that our label (Basick Records) at least got to work with one of the projects that fell out of the split of Sikth, Aliases. Guitar maestro Pin is a bit of a hero of mine (Pin if you read this, shut your face and stop getting a big head!)


11th November 2012

Obscura – Septuagint

Genre: Technical Metal 

Deliciously extreme, technical and brutal all in one package. I love Death Metal, even more so when it’s executed like this. Obscura hit the nail on the head for me every single time. Hannes Grossman, the drummer, is also in another of my recommended bands, ‘Blotted Science’, check them out too.


10th November 2012

Psycroptic – Euphorinasia

Genre: Extreme Metal 

An absolute belter of a band, brilliant extreme metal from Australia. Probably another internet find, I have no idea when these guys fell into my life, but I’ve known about them for a few years and this latest album (The Inherited Repression) is, in my mind, their finest so far and this is my favourite song from it. Absolutely crushing but with incredibly catchy guitars and that feeling of being slapped in the face throughout. Love these guys. A LOT.


9th November 2012

Sigur Ros – Glosoli

Genre: Ambient Post Rock  

Sigur Ros were introduced to me by my nephew who told me one day, Aunty Lisa, you have to get stoned, listen to Sigur Ros and put on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth documentary on the TV and you will have the most perfect experience of your life. I haven’t looked back since. A stunningly original band, they always are my calm happy go to band when I feel stressed or tired. Sigur Ros should be mandatory listening for everyone. I wish my life was as perfect as Sigur Ros sound.


8th November 2012

Madder Rose – Panic On

Genre: Alt Rock

One of my favourite bands from my teens that I’ve rekindled a love for in my thirties. The song I listen to all the time is Dark Rain but youtube doesn’t have it, although you could pretty much listen to any Madder Rose song and find a gem. I used to spend hours doing the whole emo girl thing, lying in a darkened room full of incense and candles listening to these guys. My heart still aches when I hear them. Gorgeous emotive stuff.


7th November 2012

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Step Up

Genre: Porch Core

Smells southern, sounds like it should be blasted from a porch and they’re very hairy. Ticks all my boxes. Can’t remember where or when I found Maylene, I just know they’re in my life and for that I’m thankful. I FUCKING ADORE them. See…swearing means it’s true. I just want to guzzle a barrel of whisky and watch swamp people.


6th November 2012

Indigenous – Come On Home

Genre: New World Blues

First heard this song on Sons of Anarchy and fell in love with it, then heard another song called ‘Leavin’ on Deadliest Catch, which is one of my all time favourite shows and it turned out it was by the same guys. Blues with a really smooth groove and velvety feel to it. Absolutely adore these guys. Always makes me want to pack a bag and go on a road trip.


5th November 2012

Slipknot – Snuff

Genre: Metal (but this song is a bit emo rocky)

Sometimes I’ll get obsessed by a song for a week or two and play it over and over til I’ve used it up and worn it out. Snuff is my obsession this week. My inner emo girl loves this track, it’s gorgeous and isn’t really indicative of how Slipknot sound, it’s just a belter of a song. “It took the death of hope, to let you go.” – yep, my inner emo is going wild over that lyric. Love the video as well, they’ve made it into a short film, it’s a bit of an odd one.


4th November 2012

Massive Attack – Tear Drop

Genre: Experimental

One of my all time favourite songs, the vocalist for this track is Liz Fraser from The Cocteau Twins. Hauntingly perfect, bit of an odd video. Still an all time chilled classic.


3rd November 2012

Genesis – I know what I like

Genre: Prog

Gabriel-era Genesis is the weirdest and most wonderful, in my opinion. He’s just beautifully bonkers. I’d also like a cosmic lawnmower! Possibly my favourite Genesis track, although that flips and flops daily, cos I love a bit of Phil Collins too. Watch the video.


2nd November 2012

Shels – Water 

Genre: Post Rock Soggy Pants Joy

Shels, to me, are one of those rare ‘once in a lifetime’ bands, that you hear/ instantly fall in love with and just know that everything they put out is going to tickle your tastebuds. Shels are epic, soaring, beautiful, light and dark, heavy, intense, explosive all in one little bundle. I recommend you go out and find all the shels (and the band they came from – Mahumodo) material that you can and just absorb it through your skin/ear drums and if need be, your feet. Awesome band.


1st November 2012

Pop Will Eat Itself – Wise Up! Sucker

Genre: Alt Rock

Another one from my teen years, Clint Mansell used to be in this band. Now I listen to it and it just makes me feel old and slightly despondent.


31st October 2012 

East of the Wall – Fool’s Errand

Genre: Metally weird

Taken from their 2010 album Ressentiment, which made it into my top ten albums of the year that year. I love East of the Wall, for their experimental attitude towards music, for not sounding the same as everyone else and for consistently putting out albums that are top notch. A massively under-rated and often overlooked band.


30th October 2012

Blotted Science – Cretaceous Chasm

Genre: Instrumental Metal Ear Gasm

Ron Jarzombek is an absolute hero of mine, I love everything he touches. This album was another one that came out on Basick in Europe, and like an uber fangirl, it made my year, if not my decade. Trying to sit through an entire Blotted Science album or EP is like an endurance test, the music is so full on, that if you don’t like this style of music, you are really going to have a hard time with it. I think he’s a mad genius, I also think more people should be aware of his skills. Go listen to lots of Blotted Science, then when you are done with that, go listen to lots of Spastic Ink. You are welcome!


29th October 2012

Ion Dissonance – We Like to call this one Fuck Off

Genre: Nasty Gash Flash

Ion Dissonance, are one of my all time favourite bands and to top that off, this album came out on our label (Basick Records) in Europe. One of the most under-rated bands on the planet, when I listen to these guys, I just want to break things, run about, break more things and perhaps break things whilst on a bouncy castle. It’s like aural ADHD. Nasty filth, should be bigger than they are. Love those boys.


28th October 2012

Will Haven – Alpha Male

Genre: Screamy Mosh

I tried for YEARS to get into Will Haven, and just couldn’t. But my friend Ben came to visit one day and played A LOT of Will Haven, so much so that something finally clicked, I got it, and now I can’t stop listening to them. So now whenever I hear Will Haven I think of my friend Ben, which is no bad thing, cos he’s lovely. HI BEN!


27th October 2012

Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dew Drops Drops

Genre: Alt Rock 

80’s ambient weird rock, I love The Cocteau Twins, partly because they’re from my hometown, but also because Liz Frasers vocals are just ethereal and gorgeous. This is my favourite song of theirs, sounds ridiculously 80’s but I love it. Makes me feel like I should be wandering through a forest in the middle of Autumn surrounded by swirling mists.


26th October 2012

Manuel Barrueco – Variations on a Theme of Mozart

Genre: Classical Guitar

What I was actually listening to was his Bach suite but I can’t find that on Youtube. I love classical guitar, especially when used to play the works of classical composers. I find it really relaxing.


25th October 2012

Faith No More – Stripsearch

Genre: Progressive/Experimental Rock

One of my favourite bands when I was growing up. I was obsessed with Faith No More. Mike Patton is a musical genius/chameleon. Don’t believe me, watch this performance, which couldn’t be further removed from his work with FNM.


24th October 2012 

Dysrhythmia – The Line Always Snaps

Genre: Tech/Prog/Jazz/Metal 

I like my music, my metal with a healthy dose of…WTF. That is to say, if it sounds bonkers and it makes me stop every few minutes to ask, “What’s going on now?”, chances are I’m going to love it. I have no recollection of how I chanced upon Dysrhythmia in the dim and distant past, I just know they’ve always somehow been a band I’ve listened to, wrinkled my nose, grinned and shook my head at. And that’s a good thing. I don’t want a band whose music just floats by un-noticed. I want it to nipple clamp me, slap me in the face and ask, “Are you paying attention?…ps…you might need a seatbelt for this next bit!”. This track is from the bands latest album, Test of Submission.


23rd October 2012

Pink Floyd – One of The Days (Live at Pompeii)

Genre: All of them and some new ones they invented along the way (experimental/prog rock)

Pink Floyd are my FAVOURITE band of all time. No question. I love their music. I love their approach to music. I love their approach to everything that surrounds the music. They were progressive before progressive even actually meant anything. This live video of their concert at Pompeii was a huge turning point for my Floyd obsession. Not only because David Gilmour in this era was the hottest man alive (look at him…majestic!) but also because on this very song, Nick Mason is in the zone (possibly the Twilight zone) and blissed out. Now, I can’t listen to the album version of this track, I’ll always choose this version over the studio one, any day of the week.


22nd October 2012

Gaza – Not With All The Hope In The World

Genre: Sore Core

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. What was that? Nooo….still can’t hear you. Bit noisy in here. Must be the ‘it’s Monday so I’m listening to the nastiest thing I can find to sweep out the cobwebs’ music. Gaza, a new discovery for me, and it’s possible their new album is hitting my ‘best of 2012’ list. This is monstrous. What’s the genre? I don’t care, I really don’t. I just want them to beat my ears into oblivion and leave me bleeding in a corner, happy and aurally violated.


21st October 2012

Bjork – Play Dead

Genre: Bjorkcore

One of my all time favourite Bjork songs, a real lung belter. She’s a mad, ethereal little munchkin that clearly doesn’t belong to this world and that, along with her amazing music, is one of the many reasons I love her. First heard of her in The SugarCubes and immediately became obsessed with her and in 1993 when she released her solo album Debut, I thought at the time it was possibly the most perfect album ever written (and still do). I love her, a lot.


20th October 2012

Jellyfish – I Wanna Stay Home

Genre: Power Pop

Rain lashing on the window, strong coffee on the go, and absolutely no desire to leave the house today. Jellyfish sum up my mood perfectly. I’m going to stay home and study. Jellyfish are a band that I was introduced to as a teenager and who have been a constant source of warmth and happiness throughout my life. Their unique brand of power pop and melody is always a comforting and familiar listen. It’s criminal that this band weren’t huge and it’s criminal that they didn’t do more albums. The guys split, a few awesome spin off bands came out of the band, all worth looking into.


19th October 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins – Luna

Genre: Alt Rock 

Had a lovely conversation today with a lovely new friend – the jist of which was a line from this song ‘Who Decides Who’s Crazy’. Reminded of this tune, which I adore. The Smashing Pumpkins always remind me of being a teenager in the 90’s, lazy days spent discovering new music.


18th October 2012

Woods of Ypres – Death is Not an Exit

Genre: Bleak doom metal (get your hankies out)

My friend came over at the weekend, the same friend who introduced me many years ago to Between the Buried and Me’s music, so I trust his music taste. He told me to listen to Woods of Ypres. So I did. I’m clearly late to the party with this one, but these guys are/were fantastic. Unfortunately on reading their wiki page, I found out their singer, David Gold, had died in a car accident in December 2011. Cue much sadness of a life snatched too soon. This is a stunning, bleak but catchy album. Definitely a new favourite.


17th October 2012

Fair to Midland – Amarillo Sleeps on my Pillow

Genre: Southern tinged progressive joy

This song makes me grin like a bastard. Catchy as hell, creative with it and loads of fun to listen to. It’s freezing cold here in Scotland, really wet and constantly dark and miserable and this music makes me want to pack my bags for the warmer climes of Texas (where the band are from). Actually, it makes me want to drink whisky in a swamp whilst trying to saddle a ‘gator, but that’s a whole other blog waiting to happen.


16th October 2012

Levi/Werstler – Dura Mater

Genre: Widdly Plink Plonk Headbang

I always listen to this album (Avalanche of Worms) when I’m in the bath. No idea why. Just love the guitar work. Levi/Werstler is an instrumental side project formed by Daath guitarists Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler. Cynic drummer Sean Reinert along with bassist bassist Kevin Scott and keyboardist Eric Guenther round out the lineup. Love instrumental albums. Especially when in the bath, it seems.


15th October 2012

Cannibal Corpse – Encased in Concrete

Genre: Death Metal

It’s Monday, I hate Mondays and usually the only thing that helps me through it is a gallon of coffee and endless amounts of Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus. Alex Webster is a bit of a hero, love him in Corpse, love him in Blotted Science . Just love him.


14th October 2012

Lions – Girl from the North Country (Bob Dylan Cover)

Genre: Rock 

Discovered these guys years ago via Myspace and followed their very slow journey throughout the music industry, never really breaking through to the big time. Would love to see these guys do well. This is a cover of a Bob Dylan track, which is on constant repeat in my house, makes me feel….wistful.


13th October 2012

Al Martino – Spanish Eyes

Genre: Smoooooooooth

Chilling and relaxing to some golden oldies today. My dad died 21 years ago today, and this song always reminds me of him. I miss him a lot.

12th October 2012

Skyharbor – Maeva

Genre: Progressive Metal

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Tompkins (Singer) in whatever guise he’s in, whether it was his work with TesseracT, any of his solo work or now with his collaborative work with Skyharbor. His vocal work is the perfect match for Keshav Dhar’s beautiful work on guitar. I highly recommend listening to this album late at night, windows open to the world, staring at the sky and the stars and the endless possibilities contained there. Dan T’s vox always turn me into a bit of a hippy. I’ll shut up now.


11th October 2012

Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick

Genre: Big Muff Fuzz Bomb Alt Rock

Makes me feel like an angry teenager, mostly because this was the soundtrack of my teens. This was the age that music really grabbed me and I realised that it would be the most important thing in my life forever. (Now I realise that assumption was wrong and it would later be replaced by coffee!) Mudhoney came from the Sub Pop roster and it’s still a label I look at fondly and think, you were doing it right. If I could exist at any space in time, it would be as the alt rock/indie/grunge scene was kicking off in America and be working at Sub Pop.

10th October 2012

Dissipate – Motion

Genre: Fuck Your Face Off Metal

These guys are a new client of mine, all the way from Cali in the USA. A mix of Ion Dissonance and Car Bomb ferocity and in places throughout the EP (not on this vid) some hauntingly beautiful moments akin to the Deftones. Lovers of 8 strings will also get a thrill from the noodling in this playthrough vid. Meaty.


9th October 2012

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Reflections on a Broken Mirror

Genre: Southern Rock / Americana

I have no idea at what point I fell in love with everything Chris Robinson touches, it just happened, possibly as organically as his beard. Back to work today after a few days off and the soundtrack today will be Southern. I love southern rock. It sounds like Jack Daniels tastes. Warm, smoky. I highly recommend this whole album as something to just kick back to.


8th October 2012

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Milk Lizard

Genre: Metal 

My ‘get up and get shit done song’ – Dilinger are not only the best live band I’ve ever seen but this song alone is like an injection of caffeine into my  eyeballs.


7th October 2012

Gordon Giltrap – Lucifer’s Cage

Genre: Folk Rock

Discovered Gordon Giltrap by chance on a documentary one day and haven’t looked back since. His blend of folk, blues and rock on the acoustic is just gorgeous. Perfect chill music.


6th October 2012

Porcupine Tree – Lazarus

Genre: Progressive Rock

My friends told me to check out Porcupine Tree one day, so I did and I fell in love and I listened to Porcupine Tree exclusively, non stop for about 3 months solid.  This particular song always makes my heart swell to the size of a small planet and burst in sadness. Gorgeous.



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