About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a Scottish based music publicist, partner in Hold Tight! PR and the only girl on the team at progressive metal label Basick Records. I’ve worked in marketing, PR and event management for 15 years covering both corporate clients and the arts sector, large outdoor events and the music industry.

I can usually be found face down in a pot of fresh coffee, writing press releases for a myriad of international bands, or trying to coerce musicians into things they generally don’t want to do. I’m passionate about progressive music, cheese, Jägermeister, Between the Buried and Me, and Persian cats (I have two, one called Mogg and one called Loki).

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN – I’m hitting the road, driving long distances with loud music, climbing a hill and seeing a stunning view, running through grass barefoot, wearing yellow, standing in a heavy downpour, watching the ocean, getting cuddles, building campfires, discussing politics/history/religion, exploring the world through music, travelling with no fixed destination, sitting in the sun sipping Mojito’s, relaxing with Pink Floyd, snuggling into squishy blankets, taking pictures of beautiful people and places, floating rubber duckies in the bath, wearing long floaty dresses….

I’m an avid reader, I love old black and white movies, learning is another passion of mine and I’m currently studying history at Princeton and then after that I’m booked in to do economics, the history of film, geology and weather systems. (I like to keep busy).

I’m extremely passionate about marketing, the good kind, the effortless kind. To me it’s not a job or a profession but a way of living. Promotion of something you love, something you’ve found or discovered shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be something you do because you want others to know it exists, of its brilliance, because sharing is great, because something you’ve watched, heard, witnessed has stopped your breath and made your head explode with endless possibilities. That’s the kind of marketing I do and that’s why people hire me.


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