Where the bloggy have you been?

It’s been a good while since I wrote my last blog entry, with good reason. Well, with an excuse really. Since my last entry I’ve spawned…a tiny human. No one was more surprised than my husband or I. After the initial shock (and realisation that drinking an entire bottle of expensive rum may have seemed fun at the time, would now have severe life changing results!) and days of denial and panic, we settled into a long haul of 9 months of a very complicated pregnancy, a house move, a new house to decorate and build a nursery in and then a very complicated and sudden birth… (well not sudden, we had 9 months to get to grips with it, but when it happened, it was done and over quickly, not the long drawn out births that some poor women have to endure).

And so here I am, enjoying maternity leave, bouncing a small earthling in a chair with one foot as I type and trying to make sense of where the last year of my life has gone.

Hold Tight! PR, the business I run with my friend James Monteith (of TesseracT and Top Gun solo fame) has grown and is going from strength to strength. We had a fabulous intern called Matt, who was so good and had such a great range in bow ties we kept him full time and he’s joined us now as a permanent member of the team. In the past year we’ve worked campaigns for Earache Records, The End Records and Sumerian Records with bands such as Misery Signals, Norma Jean, Oceano, Hacktivist, The Algorithm, Nekrogoblikon and Born of Osiris, as well as continuing to represent Basick Records full roster of bands. We’ve covered festivals all over the country, James has toured the world with TesseracT and now the business is busy working on one of our all time favourite bands, Animals as Leaders. It’s an exciting time all around.


As I continue to enjoy my maternity leave, I’ll have some more time (hopefully…) to be more active on my blog and to write more posts about Music PR and Marketing, advice for your bands, festivals or events and how to make the most of them yourselves without having to spend the big bucks on a PR agency as well as advising when it’s really advisable to engage with a PR agency and what the benefits of using one is.

Thanks to everyone who continues to write to me for advice or to let me hear their bands, I get about 5 emails a week via this blog, it’s great to know you guys are reading it, finding it useful and getting in touch. Apologies to anyone who hasn’t had a response, as above, I’ve had a lot going on in my life and sometimes emails are missed. I do read everything that comes through though and I do check out the bands you suggest.

Righty oh, onwards to the next round of blogs and features.

Big hugs


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