Tummy Tingles – The Most Important Part of Music PR

This blog should be entitled – how to be a bad blogger or where does the time go or why aren’t there enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do. Apologies to those who take some time to check out my blog or enjoy the info contained within. I had a lovely message from a lecturer at a music college telling me he talks about my blog in his class to his students, which was kind of surreal, but lovely. I hope in some small way I’m helping someone, somewhere.

I’ve not updated for a while and this is simply because the music industry is now heavily into release, tour and festival season and my PR caseload has skyrocketed, leaving little time to enjoy my guilty pleasure of blogging. Instead my face is permanently stuck to my macbook, typing press releases furiously and banging my head off of my desk as bands expect miracles that I can’t deliver.  70 hour weeks are now commonplace, admin is the bane of my life and anyone who tells you PR is a glamorous job is lying. PR is spreadsheets, admin, phonecalls, begging, more begging, selling your soul and a lot of handholding bands that need reassurance, usually at 3am when they are drunk and phoning you from their tour bus.


So here’s a little update of some cool things that have been happening. A few months ago a band got in touch with me via this blog and said they’d been following it, really enjoying it and would I consider working with them. Now…I’ve had a lot of enquiries via this site (and to anyone who has sent me mail, a lot of it ended up in my spam folder which I apologise for, I always forget to check in there!) so if I’ve not replied to anyone and you want to talk to me about anything, just mail me directly.

PR people in the music industry are inundated every day with enquiries and mostly, mostly…. the standard of music coming through just isn’t quite good enough to warrant spending money on a PR campaign. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just having done this for years, I know when a release will get press and I know when you’d be better keeping the money and doing what you can by yourself.

Anyway, the band emailed me; called Sleepers Awake, a progressive metal band from Ohio. So I listened, with open ears and an open heart/mind as I do with everything that crosses my desk and I felt that tingle. It starts in my tummy, it spreads through my body and it’s generally a sign of OMG I REALLY HAVE TO WORK WITH THIS BAND. What follows after is usually general excitement, me blabbering to anyone who will listen and not being able to sleep because I just want the world to know about them. It’s a rare occurrence, and it’s the yardstick I use to take on clients.

Skip forward a few months, and we’re about to start their campaign. These guys are unsigned, self-funded, determined and just getting on with it. No label backing, no real experience in the industry and yet I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them and I’m now fighting on their behalf for them to get press exposure because I really believe in them.  This is, or at least should be, what PR is all about. Doing it because you believe in something so strongly that you can’t sleep, not because a client is paying you vast amounts of money to tell the world they’re brilliant.

Anyway, check them out if you like bands such as Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age and Tool. It’s a full concept album, with a massive backstory and I’ve been playing it non stop for weeks.

I’ll be back very soon with part 3 of my PR blog on doing it yourselves, it’s long overdue. Until then, apologies if I’ve missed your emails, apologies for not keeping my blog up to date, but a girl has to work.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic first quarter of 2013. There’s been a ton of amazing releases so far and this year looks like a bumper year for great music. If you have a campaign coming up in the second half of 2013 that you’d like to discuss, get in touch.


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