Music I Love and Listen to Every Day


I spend my life immersed in music of all genres, not just metal and rock. I haven’t found a genre or style of music I didn’t like…yet.

Every day I’m usually hooked into listening to one song, so when I made this site, I added a page called ‘Today I’m Listening To‘ – which is updated every day with a video of a track I’m loving that day and a little bit of blurb about them and how I found them, as well as links to the band so you can find out more about them. It can range from a breaking band to some epic and huge favourite band that everyone will know.

Along the way I turned this into a Spotify playlist which I add to everyday for anyone who might have Spotify, and then my husband suggested I make a video playlist on Youtube as well, so if you have either of these, feel free to subscribe. The mix is eclectic, with one common thread, it’s all extremely good (but I’m biased, I pick the tunes!). So you’ll see Bjork nestled next to Gaza whilst Between the Buried and Me hug up there with some Sikth and Woods of Ypres get down with some Morcheeba.

I also LOVE to discover some new music, no matter what kind it is, so if you have a band that tickles your tastebuds and you really want someone to know about them, whether it’s your band or just a band you think, ‘hey, you should check this out’, then I’d seriously love to hear it. Drop me a shout out in the comments and I’ll check it out.

I love making playlists, right now Paul Ortiz from Chimp Spanner and I are working on a special one, which will hopefully be put out soon for you all to get involved with. For now, click below if you use either of these sites, or just head over to my ‘Today I’m Listening To‘ page, to find out more.

YouTube Logospotify-cut

Cheers for checking them out, have a rummage, explore some new stuff, rediscover some old tunes and most of all make sure you support the bands by buying their releases, going to their shows, picking up some merch and spreading the word.



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