Between the Bloggy and Me

For those people who know me, they’ll not be surprised to see me open with a Between the Buried and Me related blog. In fact they’re probably eye rolling and thinking, here goes the mad bint again. Well,  they are after all, my favourite band. Ok second favourite, Pink Floyd will always be the shit for me, but if we’re talking current, working their asses off and looking and sounding fantastic whilst they do, it’ll always be Between the Buried and Me.

The band have always brought me good luck and positive vibes, so they’re gonna christen my blog on its maiden voyage as my debut ramble much in the way that sailors stuck massive great wooden women figureheads at the front of their ships for good luck. The figureheads protected the ship, and inspired fear in the hearts of enemies. Btbam are my big wooden woman. Not sure how much fear they’ll strike as they’re about as scary as a glittery bucket of kittens wrapped in a fluffy bow being carried by cherubs, but hey….this is my comparison. It stays.

My blog is a place to put my thoughts on my work in the  music industry, my experience in the marketing and PR sector and to endlessly yabber on about the shocking state of social media and those who claim to be experts in their field who are anything but. But we’ll come back to that.

So if you’ve stumbled somehow across this blog, hi I’m Lisa. I work for a record label, I run a PR company, I study history at Princeton and I’m hopeless addicted to music of all genres, coffee, cats, board games and old black and white movies. I’m a nerd – not the  hipster kind that wears glasses and tight tees and looks all cute but the bona fide kind that can throw useless stats at you about things you’ve never heard of, the kind that is always face down in a book, that collects all manner of weird things and is still trying to figure out their place in the world.

My social media links are all over this site, feel free to hit me up and say hello, I chat non stop to everyone and I’m obsessed with meeting new people. Hopefully throughout the course of this blog, if I’ve written it as I’ve set out to do, you’ll get some insight, stats, talking points and more on industry stuff, you’ll probably get inundated with music I’ve discovered and want to share and at some point there will be pictures of cats. Apologies in advance.

“I avoided adventure as much as possible. Just the same, any landsman who builds his own vessel and sails alone around the world will certainly meet with some adventures, so I shall offer no apology for my voyage. Those days were the freest and happiest of my life.” – Harry Pidgeon, quote from The Circumnavigators by Donald Holm.

2 responses to “Between the Bloggy and Me

  1. Lisa, could you possibly do an article about how you got started working in the music industry?

    As almost everyone is passionate about music nowadays, I’ve no doubt there are many other people, like myself, who are interested in/have toyed with the idea of starting a career in the music industry.

    There doesn’t seem to be a set path out there, so I was hoping maybe you could do a beginner’s guide to the music industry – shedding some light on what jobs there are within the music industry, as well as touching on what employers in the music industry are looking for and whether you consider it to still be a viable career field given the present state of the music industry.

    P.S. we have super compatibility on How super is that?!

    • Absolutely, great idea for a blog, will definitely sort that out for next week. In the meantime, there’s a little info on that very subject contained in both the Girls Don’t Like Metal and also the One Metal Interviews on the side of my site, look at the cat icons, click the appropriate ones, they’ll take you to the interviews. Thanks for your comment. lisa x

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